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The term Christo-Pagan has been around for a while (a few centuries at least). A Christo-Pagan is an umbrella term given to Christians who fall outside of the main stream of organized religion. Christo-Pagan was not originally a welcome title, but is rather akin to calling an LDS member a Mormon or calling a black man a Niga`. Like Mormon and Niga`, Christo-Pagan is a slang hate name, cast upon those who are perceived as “different”. 

While Niga` still remains a hate title and is still just as vile to the ears as it was years ago, the titles Mormon and Christ-Pagan, have over the years been accepted by the people being called it, and now there is hardly a Latter Day Saint who does not proudly refer to themselves as a Mormon, and Christo-Pagans are now quick to use the title for themselves. 

But what is a Christo-Pagan? Most Christo-Pagans grew up in very strict, very religious, Christian families (75% of Christo-Pagans started out as devote Catholics, Latter Day Saints, or Quakers – and on occasion Jews turned Christian. Christo-Pagans starting out from other religions is a rarity, which I think is partly caused by the fact that other religions do not tend to be so zealous in their fundamentalism.). These devote church members, however, follow the “old ways” of their faith. As I am myself an LDS Christo-Pagan, I will explain in those lines. 

For example a Mormon Christo-Pagan would be calling upon the help of Familiars and use seer stones, just as Joseph Smith himself had done. Like Emma Smith they use herbs and ritual chants to heal the sick. Like Smith and Young, they talk face to face with angels, Jesus, and God himself. They still use the Blessing Cloths of the Saints, just as the early Prophets of the Church did. In keeping with the pre-1979 teachings of the Church, they are farmers, living off the land, homeschooling their children, avoiding contact with Gentiles, women do not wear pants, do not cut their hair, and do not work in jobs outside the home, and the family keeps it’s 3 year supply well stocked. They are known as the Orthodox Latter Day Saints, living the Churches rule as it was originally taught in the 1800’s, not as it evolved in modern times. 

The problem comes in when the Gentiles get baptized into the Church and bring with them their worldly sins and wicked ways, with their public schooled children, their short haired worldly women, their unbelief in physical communion with angels, their anti-Mormon ideas about using seer stones, crystals, herbs, and blessing cloths, and their obsessions with growing wealthy, watching TV and eating meat. 

As more and more of these unsaintly Gentiles got baptized into the church, their ways started having more and more influence on the teachings of the church coming out of Salt Lake headquarters, until in 1979, the Prophet enacted countless changes, in order that the church laws would be better adapted to the lifestyles of the Gentiles joining the Church. 

I’m old enough to remember the church before 1979. I grew up in the “Old Church” before the change. I grew up in the Church when it taught “Live in the world not of the world”, in a time when you could tell a Mormon on the streets from every one else, because they looked, dressed, acted, and talked VERY different from the rest of the world. It’s been 30 years since the change in the way Salt Lake Headquarters runs the Church, and now, even the former Gentiles are allowed to have leadership positions, resulting in ever more changes as each year goes by. The LDS Church is quickly, becoming a secular den of people who are no different from the rest of the world, except for a rare few who still hold on the the old ways. God does not change – people change. God did not change the lifestyle of the Saints – false doctrines of man did. Like so many churches before it, the LDS Church has strayed by the way side and fallen off the straight and narrow path, it once stood so proudly upon. 

Those old enough to have grown up in the Old Church, didn’t change with the new ways. They still believe in living the same way as the Smiths did: as self sufficient farmers in personal one on one communion with the Spirit world. We spend our time in spiritual pursuits, rather than rushing to college and work. Rather than trying to manipulate the world around us, we live at one with it. Unfortunately this causes problems. This causes problems because the New Converts prefer the ways of modern man over the old fashioned ways of God.

The New Converts (those who joined the church after 1979) have their own set of modern ideals about what the Mormon Church “should be” rather than what is was as Smith created it. The New Converts are quick to call themselves “Mormons” rather than “Saints”, claiming that “No one call REALLY live the life of a Saint in this day and age.” They scoff at the old members who still call themselves “Saints” and still live the life style of a Saint. The New Convert Mormons point at the Old Member Saints and call them “Witches”, pointing out that they wear a style of clothes not seen in 200 years, that God Jesus and Angels no longer speak one on one to Church members, that using Seer Stones like Smith did is evil, that the ritual herb healings of Emma were a sham, and that being a self sufficient farmer with no TV is just plain dull and old fashioned. (Do they actually believe these thing? If so, why than did they join a church that teaches AGAINST what they believe? Why do they follow Smith if the things he did are thought to be so wicked and evil when done by others?)

When the finger of Witch gets pointed often enough at the same member over and over again, it soon becomes a habit of all members in the Ward to single out “the Witch” and spend their time bullying, teasing, and tormenting them, until finally “The Witch” becomes an inactive member, leaving the Mormon Church, because it is no longer the church Smith started but is now a Den of Thieves. 

After so many years of being accused of being a Witch, the “Witch” now seeks out other so-called Witches and tries to join up with them, not really knowing what it is a Witch is. Unfortunately, this proves disastrous, as the other witches, are quick to point out that “The Witch” is not a Witch, but a damn Christian, with no business being a witch. And soon the bullying starts again, this time the “Witch” is now being cast out by the witches, for being “A Christian”. 

By doing the same things Smith did, as well as the same things done by Danial and Jaboc of the Old Testament and Jesus and the Maji of the New Testament, by dressing in garb no differeant than that worn by Jesus, I am accused of practicing Witchcraft and being a Witch and told that I have no business being in a Christian Church. Odd.
By living the “I am a lily” lifestyle Jesus lived, by constantly quoteing his words as part of my daily conversation, by preaching openingly to follow Christ and obey his laws, by dressing in garb no differeant than that worn by Jesus, I am accussed of being a Jesus Freak, and told by witches as being too Christian to be a Witch and have no business practing Witchcraft. Again . . . odd.

And that in the end is what it means to be a Christo-Pagan: A person who is called a Witch by Christians, but a Christian by Witches. One who is too witchy to be a Christian, but too Christian to be a Witch. Thus it is not an organized religious group, but rather an umbrella title given to people who are called Witches by Christians, and called Christians by Witches, making them an outcast of both not truly accepted by either, and forced to stand on their own without any posative support from a group and no one willing to fellowship with them. Odd, isn’t that the way every one treated Jesus while he was alive too?

What’s your take on this? I’d love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

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black birdOld Orchard Beach Sea Shellsblack bird

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One response to “WHAT IS A CHRISTO-PAGAN?

  1. Witchcraft is a craft. It has nothing to do with religion. I have met many witches – atheist witches, Christian witches, Pagan witches, Jewish witches.

    Of course one can be a Christian witch.

    I do suspect that the majority do come from the more “high religion” are drawn to it because of the use of the “smells and bells”. I have met many a witch who tells me that what they missed most about their Christian beliefs was the loss of the original rituals within that church. From the changes in practices you describe aboe to the Catholic church no longer saying Mass in Latin. By making it “more accessible” to the masses, they have removed the ritual,the beauty, the mystery*, and the sacredness.

    *Mystery definition – anything that must be experienced to be understood.

    NanLT – Pagan, Witch, Healer


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