Getting ready to start a new campaign…

So, getting ready to start a new (non-Ravenloft!!!!) campaign (Dungeons and Dragons), 4ed starting in UnderMountain, than heading to NeverWinter (though I may decide to drop Castle Ravenloft in to EverDark, than have a portal zip them from NeverWinter to EverDark – you know me, I just can’t run a DnD campaing without my fave vampire Strad on the lose!). This is a full out campaign based on that one night, rules-free monster-feast, we did last week. (This one will have rules and not so many monsters, of course.)

Me and the players spent the night going through my books looking for races and classes, turns out I am able to build characters from 30+ races, 400+ classes, and than have the option to overlay them with one of about 15 monster templates. I have over 200 DnD books 30+ from Ravenloft alone, nearly that many more for Spelljammer, and pretty much the whole 4ed run including all the 4ed Player Option HandBooks, which is about 12 volumes of every race and class you could imagine. Plus I have the Villain Player’s Handbook, which basically allows you to take any monster from any of the Monster Manuals/Vaults/Folios and create a band of adventuring villains instead of heroes. Which means basically I am able to create somewhere around 180,000 class and race player character combinations! LOL! (And yes, these are all official TSR/AD&D/WoTC/DnD options, not homebrews).

Anyways, I was helping them build their characters, and one of the party’s members is Race: Wood Elf; Class: Ranger; Sub-Class: Beast Master, which means he gets to choose an animal companion. I ask him “What do you want for a companion?” and than I start to read the list… “Cat, Serpent, Eagle, Wolf, … ” etc, he interrupts me and asks “Can I have a Chupacabra?”

He caught me off guard with that one (this is the same player who caught me off guard with the Parry spell that made his character nearly undefeatable, last campaign). Well, at one point I went through all of my books and made a list of all the possible PC races, PC classes, and PC familiars, and I thought I had remembered writing Chupacabra on the list, so I pulled out my lists, and yep, sure enough, some where in one of my books, there is the option for a player to have a Chupacabra as a familiar. So, I’m off to paw through my massive mountain of DnD books in search of the one that has the rules for a pet Chupacabra. I think it was 3ed book.

I have noticed one thing about this group of players – they all want to be Elf Rangers. I think we might be heading into doing a Guild Troupe style Adventuring Party, a group of Elf Rangers traveling together. I’ve heard of single race/single class adventuring groups before, but never run one. I think I may have to have a NPC Wizard/Cleric guide traveling with them to make up for the lack of arcane and healing powers. This may be a place for Queraun the Insane (a Half-Elf/Half-Illithid character of my own creation). He’d fit well into the part of sulking behind, only being in the party when needed than drifting back into the shadows. We’ll see what they end up with for characters once we get started.

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